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Rallye international du Pays de Fougères
Conditions de participation
Conditions of participation
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International Fougères Rally
  Conditions of participation
> Objectives :

The aim of the rally is to provide car enthusiasts from different countries with an opportunity to discover places of interest in the West of France, as well as participating in a public presentation of cars at a chosen site.

Aston Martin will be the 2019 « marque of honour ».

Total mileage is approximately 200 miles avoiding heavy traffic roads and town centres.

Aston Martin
> Admission :

The Rally is limited to 150 cars in order to maintain a friendly atmosphere. The selection is based on age and rarity. Only car types produced before 1968 are accepted, unless they are of exceptional historic or mechanical interest. Applications for «specials» will be examined individually.

The Fougeres Rally tends to be oversubscribed and selected cars may have to be accepted on a « first come, first served » basis. Late applicants will be refunded by the APPF.

Participants who send a copy of the FIVA Identity Card of their vehicle with the returned application form will be given priority and will automatically enter the FIVA Trophy. A FIVA ID Card can be obtained from your national federation belonging to FIVA. See list and procedure on www.fiva.org

The 2019 Rally will maintain the tradition of mixing groups of veteran, vintage, PV and classic cars, both popular and exclusive. Participants may choose to attend only part of the four-day programme, by indicating their selection of events on the application form.

> Hotels :

The APPF has pre-booked a sufficient number of rooms in hotels of various categories at convenient locations. All hotels have a private car park. A suggested choice may be indicated on the application document. This can be modified by participants when filling in forms. We will do our best to satisfy all requirements.

> Payments :

Payments in advance, with your application:

  • organisers’ fees (non-refundable)
    • £135 for car and driver, and £45 for each passenger (approx. 150€ and 50€) for a stay of over 24 hours
    • £36 for car and driver and £9 per passenger (approx. 40€ and 10€) for one day or less
  • meals and bus transfers (when applicable)


  • by cheque made out to A.P.P.F. with the application form (see § 5 - The APPF’s bank account in the UK allows for payment by British cheques for British entrants)
  • or by bank transfer, directly to APPF’s French account, details as follows:
    IBAN Code :FR76 1660 6100 2384 8396 7284 407
    Swift Code :AGRI FR PP 866
    APPF account holder : Patrick Marguet, Treasurer
    Account n° 84839672844 Clé RIB 07
    Bank address : CA de Normandie, place Louis Delaporte   F-50600 St Hilaire du Harcouët.

Hotel and « open » meal on Sunday: to be paid, on site, directly to the suppliers.
Some hotels require advance payment or credit card details.
Any hotel cancellation after April 25th, 2019 may have to be paid in full.

> Miscellaneous :


To help in producing the free catalogue, we ask all participants to send a photograph of their car with the application document (returned to you on your arrival). Electronic pictures are accepted (300 ko minimum, prkconseil@free.fr).

French road regulations (including car insurance) must be respected. Following FIVA and FFVE recommendations, the APPF will check that each participant possesses adequate and up-to-date papers.

A road-book will be provided and the motorcycle section of the APPF will be posted at key junctions.

Application deadline : April 25th, 2019.

Application form, cheque (if applicable), car photo and FIVA ID Card (when available) to be sent to :
Patrick Rollet, APPF, 2 rue de la Plaine, 78770 Marcq, France
Tel/fax (33) 1 39 75 71 49 (after 7 p.m.) • e-mail: prkconseil@free.fr  • www.rallye-fougeres.org

Only those participants giving an e-mail address will receive
an acknowledgment of their application.


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